Venice Beach Skate Park – Factec TS3Cine

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Michael Sutton ( and Boston Rule Camera ( sent over the TS3 camera to Vincent Laforet’s office. With Vincent away on business, Justin Hamilton ( and I met up with Mauricio Lizazaburu to shoot some skaters in Venice beach.

The TS3 shoots 718fps at 720p.

We used all Zeiss glass and stuck to two CP2 lenses, the 18mm and 35mm. We used these lenses because we could switch them to PL mounts. The sensor of the TS3 is small so the 18 was as wide as we could go.

I processed the raw files in After Effects and cut the video in Premiere CS6.

Thanks to all involved including Michael Sutton, Boston Rule, Mauricio, the Venice skaters, and Vincent Laforet ( for the help in letting us have a little high speed fun.

Cast: Jon Carr, Justin P Hamilton and mauricio lizarzaburu

Tags: Venice Beach, High Speed Camera, Fastec TS3 Cine, Skate Park, Digital Cinema, Boston Rule and Mauricio Lizazaburu

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